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How Stress Can Negatively Impact Relationships

Stress is one of the biggest causes of mood irregularity. When you are in a negative mood, it influences how you interact with your friends and loved ones. Working towards a stress-free lifestyle results in healthy and happy relationships with those around you.

Stress is a part of life, and there is always going to be some aspect of it on a daily basis. It is when you experience increased stress, outside the normal ups and downs of day to day experiences, that things can take a turn for the worse.

A study that followed the daily life of 82 newlywed couples for over 4 years found that when they experienced stress from work or health issues, the feeling of connection to their partner was strained. Stress can lead to an inability to connect and increased feeling of isolation.

Some ways that this can happen is by losing your ability to focus. Stress can make you feel overwhelmed and increase irritability, leading to overreactions of small problems, as well as an inability to communicate due to the time and energy it takes to think logically when your body and mind are being weighed down by outside problems.

You may even begin to feel frustrated with your partner and think about how life would be like without them, due to feeling unappreciated and unsupported, even if this is not the case. When stress begins to take over your life, perceptions become distorted and the smallest detail can become magnified in the mind, due to hypersensitivity and tension.

When it comes to a moment where fixing things may seem too much of a challenge, it becomes a necessity to put things into perspective. Realize that the problem may not be in the relationship at all, but the fact that one or both partners might have to put the effort in to recognize stress is negatively impacting the relationship, and that a change needs to be made in order to work through it.

These changes can consist of actively supporting each other, either through comfort or space, and taking a step back when things get heated. Find a way to reduce stress through exercise, a hobby, or a designated day to “unplug”. It may also be helpful to create a list of all the happy and positive memories with your partner to look back on when you think they “just don’t understand”.

Stress can be more harmful than you think, not just to your health, but to your relationships with loved ones. Take back control of your life with Relaxiva® by Difass USA. Relaxiva® is all natural and works to balance mood and help you handle the daily stressors of everyday life. Improve your quality of life with Relaxiva® today and make the time you spend with loved ones positive.


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