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Another US Patent for Sensoril®


Natreon’s Sensoril® has been granted another US patent for the isolation, purification and synthesis of Indolealkylamino-withasteroid conjugates from Sensoril® (Withania somnifera) with potential benefits for Alzheimer’s disease.

Sensoril® (Withania somnifera), also known as Ashwagandha in Ayurveda, is a potent adaptogen used to promote health and longevity by augmenting the body’s defense mechanisms against disease, arresting the aging process, revitalizing the body in debilitated conditions, and creating a sense of well-being. Sensoril® is produced by Natreon (New Brunswick, New Jersey) and licensed to Difass USA (Bronx, New York) for use in Dormiva®, a natural sleep supplement, and Relaxiva®, a natural stress supplement.

Several earlier human clinical studies have shown that Sensoril® is very effective in decreasing stress levels and improving cognition. This latest patent describes a group of indolealkylamino-withasteroid conjugates isolated from Withania somnifera and purified for possible treatment of dementia and dementia-related disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, and depressive disorders. Currently available prescription drugs, such as Aricept and Exelon, are marginally effective at best and can have serious side effects.

Sensoril® is manufactured using an all-natural, water-based extraction process that is covered by a variety of US and international patents. This unique technology results in optimal levels of key bioactive constituents, in particular the withanolides. Sensoril® is the only commercially available Ashwagandha that uses the roots and leaves of the Withania somnifera plant, which is important because the leaves have a higher concentration and a slightly different mix of withanolides than the roots alone. This helps Dormiva® deliver natural sleep support and Relaxiva® natural stress support, like no other nutritional supplements available on the American market for natural sleep or stress aids.

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