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Stress Management:The 9 Best Ways to Relieve Stress

If you're stressed, whether by your job or by something more personal, the first step to feeling better is to identify the cause. Take control of your situation; don’t make things worse by doing harmful things like smoking again or drinking and eating too much. Find ways to build your emotional strength. It won’t be easy, but here are some stress relievers to help you deal with stress.


If you don’t know how to reduce stress, start with exercise. Exercise can put you in the right state of mind to help you identify the causes of your stress and find a solution. To deal with stress effectively, you need to feel robust and you need to feel strong mentally. Exercise does that. It won’t make your stress disappear, but it will reduce some of the emotional intensity that you’re feeling, clearing your thoughts and enabling you to deal with your problems more calmly.

Take Control

Every problem has a solution. Be proactive, stop feeling sorry for yourself. That feeling of loss of control is one of the main causes of stress and lack of wellbeing. The act of taking control is in itself empowering, and it's a crucial part of finding a solution that satisfies you and not someone else.

Hug Somebody

A problem shared is a problem cut in half. A good support network of colleagues, friends and family can help you see things in a different light. If you don’t connect with people, you won’t have support to turn to when you need help.

Make Time for Yourself

We Americans work too much. Those extra hours on the job mean we aren’t spending enough time doing things we really enjoy, and this can lead to chronic stress. One must allow time for socializing, relaxation or exercise. Specifically set aside some time each week just for you; even if it’s just an hour or two, and stick to it religiously.

Challenge Yourself

Setting yourself goals and challenges, whether in your personal or professional life, such as learning a new language or a taking up a new sport, helps to build confidence. That in turn will help you deal with stress. By continuing to learn, you become more emotionally resilient as a person. It arms you with knowledge and makes you want to do things rather than be passive, such as watching TV all the time.

Take Care of Your Body

Be sure to consult health and wellness professionals on a regular basis. Get in shape and eat healthy food. Go natural. Look for natural stress support in the food and dietary supplement choices you make. Be sure to get more and better sleep. A well body makes a well mind.

Help Your Fellow Man

People who help others, through activities such as volunteering or community work, become more resilient. Helping people who are worse off than you are will help you put your problems into perspective. The more you give, the more resilient and happy you feel.

Manage Time Better

Good time management means quality work rather than quantity. Extra-long hours at work will make you sick with stress. Find the right balance for you. Prioritize your work, concentrate on the tasks that will make a real difference to your work. Leave the small stuff for last.

Be Positive and Philosophical

Negativity can be stressful, and you should make a conscious effort to be more positive about life. Problems are often a question of perspective. If you change your perspective, you may see your situation from a more positive point of view. Changing a difficult situation in your life is not always possible. Recognize and accept things as they are and concentrate on everything that you do have control over.

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