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Declutter Your Home

Sometimes unwanted stress can come from having a cluttered home.  Each day we come home from work or errands and if we see clutter around the house the stress from the day gets transferred to your home.  Below are five ways to reduce the clutter and help clear away your stress!

Designate a "no clutter zone"

It may sound simple but it's nice to have one clean and clear space in your home if you need it.  The rule is simple: nothing can be placed in that spot unless it is actually in use at the moment.  It can be a table, a counter or the spot next to your couch just pick it and make sure everyone sticks to it!

Pick up 5 things and find places for them

Practice this each morning and and evening to help reduce clutter.  We all have things in our home that don't have a designated spot.  This system will help create a spot for those things slowly but surely.  Once you designate a spot for something, make sure you replace it there every time you've finished using it.

Create a box for "Maybe" items

When you do a big haul cleaning things usually fall into one of three categories: Keep, Sell/Trash/Donate, or maybe. The first and second category are easily put away or discarded, however the maybe items sometimes hang around for a proper place.  Create a box for those things and make a time to come back to them later!

Teach everyone where things belong

Your kids, your roommate, your significant other.  If everyone is on the same page about where things go, it'll be easier to keep things clutter free!


Realize no home is perfect


In an ideal world we would all have perfect put together homes all the time but that's just not reality!  Sometimes it's best to designate a day for cleaning and then move on from it!

How do you declutter your home?

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