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Stress Free Packing Tips

We'll admit we've had a problem with packing in the past.  you know the common issues - waiting til the last minute then desperately cramming everything into the suitcase.  Of course, packing isn't complete until you have to enlist the help of a friend to sit on your suitcase so you can zip it closed.  We promise, though there is an easier way!  Read on for our top tips for a stress free packing experience.  Just in time for your weekend getaway!

Plan ahead

We know, easier said than done!  But, if you make a list and lay everything you'll need out it'll help to reduce what you end up bringing.  We like to lay out outfit possibilities for each day of the trip adding in an extra buffer look or two to help ensure there are enough clothes.

Reduce Reduce Reduce!

Are you going to a hotel with a blow dryer and and iron?  Don't bring those!  Going to the beach?  Leave jeans and boots at home!  It may seem simple but everyone has their favorite pieces they want to bring but it's important to edit those for the situations you'll be experiencing on your trip.

Roll On

The most effective way to pack a suitcase with the  most items possible is by rolling your clothing.  Start with the heaviest most dense pieces at the bottom like shoes, jeans and sweaters.  Then, work your way up to smaller pieces.  It also helps to tuck smaller items like tank tops, underwear and socks into shoes to help use up as much space as possible!

Fill In

Now, fill any extra space you have with accessories you may be bringing.  See an open gap?  Put a scarf in there! 


Zip and Jet Set


Once everything has its place zip up your bag and you're on your way!

What tips do you have for packing?


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