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6 Tips to Enjoy your Vacation

Summer has officially begun and the 4th of the July is right around the corner. But, if you’re like us, sometimes no matter where you travel, it’s hard to relax and clear your mind. Today we’ve compiled our top tops to rid your mind of stress so you can actually enjoy your vacation. 


Make a Plan:

Plan as much as you can before you leave. Sounds simple enough but often times we get caught up in other tasks and leave packing and planning until the last minute. With a little effort, you can avoid the last minute chaos and feel rested and ready for your vacation.



Leave Work at Work:

According to a survey from Glassdoor, the average U.S. employee only uses about half of their vacation time. And, when they are on vacation, 3 in 5 people are doing some work. Sure, it can be stressful to leave work behind when there is so much to do, but just remember that it will still be there when you return, and if it’s something that needs to be handled urgently, you can delegate it to a colleague. When you go away on vacation, let your clients and co-workers know that you are not reachable, unless there is an emergency, and don’t check work voicemail or email. Once you do, it will be hard to resist the urge to respond. You’ve earned that time off, so make sure you enjoy it!


Allow Time for Travel:

Nothing is more stressful than rushing to catch your plane and it starts off your vacation on a stressful note. Avoid the rush but giving yourself plenty of time for travel.

Break out of the Rut:

Make sure you try something new and adventurous on your vacation that you wouldn’t normally try at home.   Trying a new experience can help clear your mind!

But, Don’t Over-Schedule:

When you’re on vacation it’s normal to want to do as much as possible in the short amount of time you have, But, if you try to cram everything in, chances are you won’t be able to fully experience and enjoy any one activity. Instead, prioritize what’s most important for you to do, and try to fit the other stuff in after. And if you can’t, there’s always the next vacation!

Figure in a Buffer Day:

There’s nothing worse than coming back to work after a long, restful vacation so make sure you give yourself a day to unpack and unwind before getting back into the week-day grind.

How do you unwind and prepare for a vacation?

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