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Outdoor Zen

Spending time outside is a great way to relax and relieve the built up stresses of the daily gruel. Many people find solace and peace practicing some of their favorite activities such as gardening, fishing, kayaking, hiking and camping. Whatever your go-to outdoor hobby is, it is important to always try to make time to enjoy it! June is the "Great Outdoors" month, so here at DifassUSA we dare you to find time to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity (and share it with us on our social networks). Here are three ways you can discover and make time for your own "outdoor zen":

Take a lunch hour:

We have all been there, where you grab a quick lunch and eat it quietly at your desk. Your lunch hour is meant to act as a reboot, to help break up your work day. Don't just grab-and-go. Try to find a local park or an outdoor space where you can actually enjoy your lunch. Invite a coworker, and make it a social activity. You will be surprised at how de-stressing this simple act can be (and it will help you to be more productive at work). 

Discover your city's Parks and Recreation Department:

Did you know the NYC Parks Department offers camping sessions under the stars in Central Park during the Summer months? Probably not. Many people do not realize the amazing opportunities that exist within their own community. Take the time to learn more about your own neighborhood park and the events and offerings they have for the general public. You'd be surprise at how awesome some of them are.

Take a walk:

A simple 20 minute walk around your neighborhood can help you clear your head and find your center. It has been proven that walking helps the mind generate ideas and strokes of insight. The reason being is because we don’t have to devote much effort to the act of walking, our attention is free to wander. So next time you take a walk, you may casually stumble upon your next brilliant idea. 


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